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03 Dec 2014
Man with a van reading
If you are moving home, relocating your business' office, otherwise you must deliver a large, bulky item being a fridge or sofa, you'll need two things. Firstly, you need a vehicle big enough to move your item or items from where they're where they should be. And secondly, you will need an additional couple of hands to assist with the lifting and also the unloading.

Man with a van reading

In a nutshell; you'll need man with a van hire.

The harder awkward readers amongst you will now be asking "why not only get a friend to assist, and tie the couch to the top of my car?"

There are four main reasons that you shouldn't just ask a mate, and instead spend several quid on getting a man and a van. So before you decide, read on.

Reason One: It's cheaper than you imagine

Really the only reason we could consider never to hire some help when moving will be the price. Surely getting anyone to drive to your home or office, stock up all your belongings, drive to your new premises that assist you unload will cost an arm and a leg?

Well, actually, it won't. Man with a van hire can start from as low as �25 - that isn't a lot of money when you are dropping tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of pounds on the new office building or family house.

And, when you choose to invest a few extra quid in the man with a van, you'll get these 3 other great benefits too.

Reason Two: Experience is usually Useful

It will not seem like the most complicated task on earth, but moving large items or vast amounts does require skill and application. You need to know steps to make probably the most from the space you have, the way to load and unload a van in the most efficient way possible, and how to move heavy objects without risking injury.

Your mate Steve does not have this knowledge and experience. The guy and van you ought to hire does. And it is planning to save time and effort over time (but more about that later).

Reason Three: Local Knowledge Is useful

If you're moving to a brand new area, you can include hours of worry and some grey hairs in your head. If you don't know the layout from the roads, the pace traps and the inevitable one of the ways systems, a brief decrease the motorway can turn into a Greek Odyssey.

So hire someone with local knowledge. They'll allow you to get there in record time, and you also do not possess to stress whether the initial post in your new location will be a ticket or fine.

Reason Four: Less Stress, Fewer Favours

Finally, the best reason we could think about to hire an expert is this. If you get a pal to help, you will owe them a favour. Along with a favour that way isn't gonna be lending them a fiver. It's going to be a 4am airport pickup, babysitting the cat to get a fortnight, as well as (within the worst case imaginable) helping them move home.


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